RC2 Ventures is a technology lead investor in ESG and sustainable clean energy production.
We de-risk operational risk by securing our investments through tax-advantaged mechanisms and credit risk offset through secured assets, data and experience. We invest in renewable energy for technology companies and data centers that need access to clean energy that does not currently exist. We provide the capital, expertise and project management so these companies can meet their carbon-neutral or carbon-negative demands in the next 1-3 years. We look to back teams and subcontractors with practical experience who are poised to be industry leaders.


Independent deal reviews conducted by leading experts in each field. We provide reports and secure and trusted analysis.


Companies can connect with thousands of investors interested in their industry. through our subscription based listing service.


Execute investments in a secure and regulated environment. Cross-border compliance. Fast and cost efficient transactions.


Comprehensive reporting tools Data analysis and insight Trend monitoring and alerting Financial compliance Optional managed oversight services